Help with Penguin eBooks

We've prepared this guide to help you find the best way to enjoy Penguin eBooks, depending on the device you enjoy reading with.
Should you have any problems purchasing or using eBooks from our website, please contact us.
If your problem concerns downloading or opening Adobe Digital Editions, please contact Adobe via
Problem solved? See some of our popular eBooks here.

iPad, iPhone & other Apple OS devices


Use the free Penguin Reader app.

Step 1

Penguin Reader app

Download Penguin Reader from the App Store.

Step 2

Penguin Reader / Log in

Log in using your account details.

Step 3

Penguin Reader /Get books

Tap 'Get books' to update your Penguin Reader library with your most recent eBook purchases. Tap on a title to download it automatically.

Step 4


Go to 'Library' and tap any cover to begin reading.

Read on your computer, and transfer eBooks from your computer to compatible devices.


Read on your computer or a compatible eReader, such as a Kobo, Nook or Sony reader.
A full list of compatible devices is available here.

Step 1

Download Adobe Digital Edition

Download and install Adobe Digital Editions on your desktop PC or laptop computer.
Download Adobe Digital Editions for free here..

Step 2

log in button

Go to and log in (look for this button at the top of the screen).

Step 3

My Account / My eBooks

Once logged in, click 'Account' and then select 'My eBooks'.

Step 4

Download link

Click the 'Download' link next to the relevant eBook title. If you have purchased multiple eBooks, you will need to click the 'Download' link for each one.

Step 5

downloaded .ascm file

Open the downloaded .ascm file with Adobe Digital Editions.

Step 6

Adobe Digital Editions

The first time you open an eBook .ascm file with Adobe Digital Editions, you will need to authorise your computer. In the dialogue box that appears, select Penguin from the dropdown list and log in with your account details.

You can now use Adobe Digital Editions to transfer the book to your device, or read on your desktop PC or laptop. Support for Adobe Digital Editions is available here.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Unfortunately Amazon Kindle does not support the eBooks sold on

Penguin titles are available in a Kindle friendly format at


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07 Apr 2016
Cloudstreet 25th Anniversary
This year marks the 25th anniversary of Cloudstreet, Tim Winton’s sprawling, comic epic about luck and love, fortitude and forgiveness, and the magic of the everyday. However it may never have been published had it not been for the stranger who chased after Tim with the manuscript he’d left it on a bus in Rome. Since it was first published by McPhee Gribble on 1 April 1991 Tim Winton’s award-winning novel has been reimagined as a successful play, a major TV mini-series and now an opera.

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