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About the book
  • Published: 15 February 2011
  • ISBN: 9781409075677
  • Imprint: Vintage Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 560

Your Face Tomorrow 3: Poison, Shadow and Farewell

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The concluding part to Marias's masterwork: 'This trilogy must be one of the greatest novels of our age' (Antony Beevor)

Poison, Shadow and Farewell is the concluding part in Javier Marias spy trilogy masterwork, Your Face Tomorrow.

Jacques Deza is back in London and once again working for the secret intelligence agency run by his old Oxford friend Bernard Tupra. Deza finds himself increasingly under the spell of his shadowy boss, forced to witness a savage attack on an old man and watch Tupra's collection of incriminating videotapes of important public figures. The recordings document unconventional private lives - and horrific acts. The scenes enter him like a poison, contaminating everything good, yet he is powerless to counteract them. Set against a background of brutality, Poison, Shadow and Farewell asks whether violence can ever be justified and completes the extraordinary journey that has led us on a descent into hell and a re-emergence, not entirely unscathed, into life.

  • Pub date: 15 February 2011
  • ISBN: 9781409075677
  • Imprint: Vintage Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 560

About the Author

Javier Marias

Javier Marias was born in 1951. His novels, short stories and essay collections have won a dazzling array of international literary awards. His work has been translated into thirty-four languages and more than five million copies of his books have been sold worldwide. He has held academic posts in Spain, the United States and in Britain, as Lecturer in Spanish Literature at Oxford University and was recently nominated to be a member of the Real Academia de la Lengua Española. He lives in Madrid.

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Praise for Your Face Tomorrow 3: Poison, Shadow and Farewell

“This is indeed one of the most remarkable novels of our time, utterly compelling, as addictive as Proust .. Marias blends fact and fiction seamlessly. He is marvellously observant and also inventive ... The world looks different, people speak and act differently after you have read his work... Your Face Tomorrow is one of the great works of modern European fiction”

Allan Massie, The Scotsman

“Those who have followed Your face tomorrow through its first two volumes will find its conclusion,'Poison, Shadow and Farewell', mesmerising. They will surely feel that it has been one of the defining reading experiences of their life and look forward to starting all over again”

Literary Review

“Your Face Tomorrow is a remarkable achievement, suspenseful and revelatory”

Chris Power, The Times

“[Marias] continues his adept weaving of the contemporary narrative into his exhaustively minute and evocative explorations of recent European history”

Alex Clark, New Statesman

“Certainly a very powerful writer”

Alison Riberio de Menezes, Irish Times

“Marias is simply astonishing...even more gripping than its predecessors...Your Face Tomorrow seems to me unparalleled in literature”

Times Literary Supplement, Ali Smith

“One of the most remarkable and in certain respects puzzling novels of our time: remarkable in its high intelligence, style and ambition; puzzling in the way it blurs fact and fiction... A delightfully comic writer”

Allan Massie, Standpoint

“Thrilling stuff”

Sam Leith, Daily Mail

“Any year that sees the publication of a novel that one can unhesitatingly judge to be great, belonging to the same demanding but rewarding company as Proust, Conrad and Thomas Mann, is a food one. It's a bold claim to make but I have no doubt that the Your Face Tomorrow trilogy by Javier Marias comes in that category .. wonderfully intelligent, often disturbing, witty and richly ironic”

Allan Massie, The Scotsman Books of the Year

“Definitely the most exciting and exquisitely observed work of European fiction for some time”

Antony Beevor, Seven Magazine, Sunday Telegraph Books of the Year

“A tour de force, a novel of ideas, rich in allusions and allegory”

The Economist

“Possesses an astonishing tension which makes it hard to put down... it is probably the most powerful and important novel to appear in European literature for some time”

Antony Beevor, Guardian

“Javier Marias's incomparably strange and brilliant trilogy... quite unlike anything else today... Your Face Tomorrow is both an inquisitive novel of ideas and a troubling piece of espionage fiction... It deserves to be recognised as one of the finest novels of modern times”

Tim Martin, Daily Telegraph

“And with this triumphant finale - the longest and best of all three - it becomes impossible to resist the thought that this deeply strange creation...may very well be the first authentic literary masterpiece of the 21st century”

James Lasdun, The Guardian

“Like so much of Marías's extraordinary writing, it is unforgettable”

Margaret Drabble, Times Literary Supplement

“This novel... crowns Marias's trilogy and his translator's lively English rendering of it with narrative honour”

John Spurling, The Sunday Times

“Possibly the most powerful of the series”

Louise Welsh, Financial Times

“This final part of an astounding trilogy confirms his Your Face Tomorrow sequence - translated with supreme skill by Margaret Jull Costa - as one of the most original achievements in recent fiction. Baroque, beguiling, at home in the twilight zones of love and politics alike, these deviously epic yarns of espionage and secrecy lift the spying game to metaphysical heights, and plunge into psychological depths...mesmeric prose...”

Boyd Tonkin, The Independent

“The book's spellbinding effect lies in the way that the ceaseless waves of words wash in and out of the reader's attention. Though it is not entirely free-standing and needs to be read in sequence, it crowns Maria's trilogy with narrative honour.”

John Spurling, The Sunday Times

“There are some hypnotically powerful scenes'”

Sally Cousins, The Telegraph

“Within a loose, extended political context, Javier Marias' Proustian trilogy, Your Face Tomorrow presents a man's thoughts punctuated with hypnotic episodes of measured violence. Breathtaking for more reasons than one.”

Susan Rice, Sunday Herald, Christmas round up

“The best fiction I read... three riveting volumes of looping (and sometimes loopy) meditation on the memory of war and the corruption of violence”

Roy Foster, Times Literary Supplement, Christmas round up

“The final, and the most powerful, part of Javier Marias's monumental trilogy. Together the three volumes constitute one of the great novels in modern European literature... this important book is a triumph, both in the original and in this translation”

Antony Beevor, Sunday Telegraph

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