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Just tell the truth and someone will hear it eventually.

The yield in English is the reaping, the things that man can take from the land. In the language of the Wiradjuri yield is the things you give to, the movement, the space between things: baayanha.

Knowing that he will soon die, Albert ‘Poppy’ Gondiwindi takes pen to paper. His life has been spent on the banks of the Murrumby River at Prosperous House, on Massacre Plains. Albert is determined to pass on the language of his people and everything that was ever remembered. He finds the words on the wind.

August Gondiwindi has been living on the other side of the world for ten years when she learns of her grandfather’s death. She returns home for his burial, wracked with grief and burdened with all she tried to leave behind. Her homecoming is bittersweet as she confronts the love of her kin and news that Prosperous is to be repossessed by a mining company. Determined to make amends she endeavours to save their land – a quest that leads her to the voice of her grandfather and into the past, the stories of her people, the secrets of the river.

Profoundly moving and exquisitely written, Tara June Winch’s The Yield is the story of a people and a culture dispossessed. But it is as much a celebration of what was and what endures, and a powerful reclaiming of Indigenous language, storytelling and identity.


A groundbreaking novel for black and white Australia.

Richard Flanagan

Take courage when you read this book. You'll need it. Winch asks big questions of this country. Is the answer within us?

Bruce Pascoe

Mesmerising and important.

Melissa Lucashenko

It’s a fictional scenario which provides a breadth and depth of possibilities that Winch takes full advantage of—and the result is a work of dazzling originality, in structure, language, and intent. Quite simply, nobody has written anything quite like this before.

David Gaunt, Gleebooks Gleaner

The Yield sings up language, history, home, blood - all the important stuff

Paul Kelly

A work of immense scope and sensitivity.

Jessie Cole

A beautifully written novel that puts language at the heart of remembering the past and understanding the present.

Kate Morton

Nothing short of a landmark Australian novel, simultaneously timeless and yet urgently a story for now, with sentences that’ll knock the wind out of your gut.

Benjamin Law

The Yield is a bleak and beautiful book that eloquently phrases the weight of history, with an ultimately uplifting sensibility at its heart: that of the power of storytelling across thousands of years.

Anne Barnetson, Australian Bookseller + Publisher

Winch’s urgent novel is a chance to listen. A moving and evocative story of Aboriginal Australia. Hope shines through this contemporary novel of a culture dispossessed and the importance of preserving language. Winch is a Wiradjuri author and here she writes about the Wiradjuri language which was once thought to be extinct but has now been preserved. The Yield is current, timely and an important must-Read for all Australians.

Dean, Better Read Than Dead

It’s another mesmerising tour de force, throwing a spotlight on Australia’s broken heart.

Juliet Rieden, Australian Womens Weekly

So, so beautiful – and like nothing I've ever read. Wiradjuri author Tara June Winch is incredible. There are passages of sublime prose; sentences that shook me and took me new places; and parts that made me bawl for everything that has been and is being lost, stolen and damaged for First Nations people in Australia. The Yield follows the story of August who, after spending years overseas, returns to find her ancestors’ land – her family’s home – being repossessed by a mining company. The words of her grandfather, Albert Gondiwindi, weaved through August’s story, make this book a must-read! Albert’s dictionary is a masterpiece and some of the most moving prose I’ve read. You might know Tara June Winch from her first novel, Swallow the Air, which won several Australian Literary Awards and is a firm staff favourite at Better Read Than Dead. The Yield is my favourite Australian book this year – and it might be yours, too!

Emma Co, Better Read Than Dead

This is a big hearted, hopeful book. More hopeful, maybe, than we deserve.

Miles Allinson, Readings

A delicate story of great power

ABC Radio National The Bookshelf

I just finished this book and it is ABSOLUTELY extraordinary. Intensely moving, gripping, brutal and yet so full of generosity. I learned so much esp about the lyrical Wiradjuri language. Brilliant.

Annabel Crabb

Quietly magnificent

Gretchen Shirm, The Australian

The Yield uniquely and powerfully shows how revolutionary a shift from an imported language to an Indigenous language might be ... such aesthetically and ethically ambitious writing. Reap the wisdom this book yields.

Maria Takolander, The Saturday Paper

And The Yield is about stories – those we tell ourselves, those that are told about us, those that disempower and help us survive. And it's about language, its magical ability to capture a spirit, reveal a culture and allow us to revisit the past.

Melanie Kembrey, The Sydney Morning Herald

The Yield is the work of a major talent. It hypnotises with its lyricism, with the juxtaposition of horror and hope, and the candid look at family, country and history. It’s a work to be savoured, to be enjoyed in the sun on a winter’s day, and then to be shared—as widely as possible!

Madelaine Dickie, National Indigenous Times

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I was born on Ngurambang – can you hear it? – Ngu–ram–bang. If you say it right it hits the back of your mouth and you should taste blood in your words. Every person around should learn the word for country in the old language, the first language – because that is the way to all time, to time travel! You can go all the way back.

My daddy was Buddy Gondiwindi and he died a young man by the hands of a bygone disease. My mother was Augustine and she died an old woman by the grip of, well, it was an Old World disease too.

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