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  • Published: 19 February 2019
  • ISBN: 9780857522856
  • Imprint: Doubleday
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Pages: 304
  • RRP: $32.99

The Secretary

The twisty, enthralling new novel from the No. 1 bestselling author of Disclaimer.

'Poised to establish herself as a big name' Telegraph

The twisty, enthralling new novel from the No. 1 bestselling author of Disclaimer.

'Poised to establish herself as a big name' Telegraph

Look around you. Who holds the most power in the room? Is it the one who speaks loudest, who looks the part, who has the most money, who commands the most respect?

Or perhaps it’s someone like Christine Butcher: a meek, overlooked figure, who silently bears witness as information is shared and secrets are whispered. Someone who quietly, maybe even unwittingly, gathers together knowledge of the people she’s there to serve – the ones who don’t notice her, the ones who consider themselves to be important.

There’s a fine line between loyalty and betrayal. And when someone like Christine Butcher is pushed to their limit, she might just become the most dangerous person in the room . . .

  • Pub date: 19 February 2019
  • ISBN: 9780857522856
  • Imprint: Doubleday
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Pages: 304
  • RRP: $32.99

About the Author

Renée Knight

Renée Knight worked as a documentary-maker for the BBC before turning to writing. She is a graduate of the Faber Academy ‘Writing a Novel’ course, and lives in London with her husband and two children. Her widely acclaimed debut novel, Disclaimer, was a Sunday Times No.1 bestseller. The Secretary is her second novel.

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Praise for The Secretary

“Woah, you are in for a treat with The Secretary! Dark and intriguing with utterly compelling characters. I genuinely couldn’t put it down.”

Laura Marshall, author of FRIEND REQUEST

“Deceptively clever and so unsettling. I love the way she casually slips in a twist that makes you shake your head at how wrong you were!”

Lesley Kara, author of THE RUMOUR

“A black diamond of a thriller - gleaming, sharp, deeply dark - but so much more: a cool, elegant novel with a heartbeat, a pulse, and a sting in its tail.”

A. J. Finn, bestselling author of THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW

“I started reading #SecretaryBook last night and couldn’t put it down… Such a deliciously dark, hugely satisfying read.”

Paul Burston, author of THE BLACK PATH

“Clever, clever, clever. At the black heart of this story is a personal assistant - the colleague in your office who hears and knows everything about everyone - and Renée leads us on a deeply unsettling exploration of the limits of loyalty. Believe me, chats by the photocopier will never be the same…”

Fiona Barton, bestselling author of THE WIDOW

“An engrossing study of twisted dynamics in a relationship where one person holds all the power. Fans of Notes on a Scandal will love it.”

Tammy Cohen, author of THEY ALL FALL DOWN

“Truly menacing. A meticulously constructed thriller...”

Susie Steiner, author of MISSING, PRESUMED

“A cool, contemporary, whip-smart thriller.”

Paula Hawkins, author of THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN and INTO THE WATER

“Filled with a creeping sense of menace that intensifies beautifully as the novel unfolds. Watch out for this one ... absolutely brilliant.”

Fiona Cummins, author of RATTLE

“The Secretary is an excellent, dark and clever thriller with a compelling central character. The story draws you in from the start and builds and builds to an intense and unsettling conclusion. I loved it.”

Jenny Quintana, author of THE MISSING GIRL

“The Secretary is an absolute masterpiece of pace, plot and precision to detail. Renée Knight so deftly winches up the tension that I found I was shallow breathing by the end, desperate to see the conclusion but terrified to watch all at once. I loved Disclaimer and now with The Secretary following it, Renée Knight has become a must read author for me.”

Holly Seddon, author of TRY NOT TO BREATHE

“An explosive tale of revenge that had me completely hooked.”

Good Housekeeping

“A scintillating double psychological portrait . . . an arresting ending reminiscent of Rendell at her flintiest.”

Sunday Times

“A superb read - I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.”


“The Secretary is a dark addictive tale - utterly compelling - with characters drawn with such a subtle and subversive touch they compel you to plunge in headlong from page one to follow their twisted fate.”

Kate Hamer, author of THE GIRL IN THE RED COAT

“A bitter betrayal spirals into a chilling comeuppance. Readers are sure to be left breathless.”

Publishers Weekly

“A stunning finale. Knight, whose debut, Disclaimer, was highly praised, again shows her skill in creating an absorbing psychological thriller.”


“I totally loved #TheSecretary. Fabulous tale of the person in the room who is so often overlooked. Office politics at their most evil.”

Clare Pooley, author of THE AUTHENTICITY PROJECT

“A cinematic page-turner steeped in atmosphere and just awaiting its adaptation to mini-series.”


“Knight builds tension in this page-turning story about misplaced loyalty, secrets, manipulation, and class . . . slowly revealing what happens when one woman’s desire to be helpful and needed ruins her life. Highly recommended.”

Library Journal

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