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Knowledge is power.

Climate scientists have warned that we need to change our behaviour in ways that may be inconvenient and threaten the commercial status quo. The result has been a polarising division in society and a sustained attack on their research.

In The Knowledge Wars, Nobel prizewinner Peter Doherty makes a passionate case for citizens to become informed so they are able to evaluate the facts of any scientific debate. It provides practical advice on how to analyse research and take meaningful action.

The Knowledge Wars challenges our assumptions and encourages us to take an evidence-based view of the world. There's something here to offend everybody!


A hugely important book for those living in the data-saturated 21st century.

Tim Flannery

This is not a dry academic idyll; it bristles with intent, examining climate change, genetically modified organisms, AIDS and vaccination along the way. At the same time Doherty’s subtle humour ensures that it steps back from being strident or didactic.

Kevin Orrman-Rossiter, Bookseller + Publisher

This is a powerful and important book.

Ann Moyal, Australian Book Review

Whatever you think about climate change you will learn lots from this scientist about how to weigh the evidence and reach an informed opinion.

Francesca Beddie, The Weekend Australian

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  • Paperback


    September 1, 2015

    Melbourne University Press

    256 pages

    RRP $29.99

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    September 1, 2015

    Melbourne University Press Digital

    231 pages

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