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She fought back. She won. Now the nightmare begins ...

She fought back. She won. Now the nightmare begins ...

When Livia Prescott fights off a terrifying assault in a deserted car park, the media hail her bravery. And after a difficult year - watching her father fade away, her business struggle and her marriage fall apart - it feels good to strike back for once.

But as the police widen their search for her attacker, menacing notes start arriving. And brave is not what she feels any longer ...

Someone has decided to rip her life apart, then kick her when she's down. But is it a stranger or someone much closer to home? In fact, is there anyone she can now trust?

When her family and friends are drawn into the stalker's focus - with horrifying consequences - the choice becomes simple. Fight back, or lose the people she loves the most ...

Are you scared yet, Livia?


A thriller that's all too terrifyingly believable.

Australian Women's Weekly

A gripping tale ... Set aside an afternoon for it as it's genuinely difficult to put down.

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Formats & editions

  • Trade Paperback


    March 1, 2012

    Bantam Australia

    464 pages

    RRP $32.99

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    March 1, 2012

    Random House Australia

    464 pages

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‘Talk to you tomorrow, honey. I love you.’

‘Love ya, Mum,’ Cameron said.

The ghost of a smile played on Liv’s lips as she dropped the phone into her handbag and listened to the crack of her high heels echo through the quiet car park. God, she missed him.

She stepped out from the lighting on the pedestrian ramp into the dimness of the third level and hesitated. This afternoon, the lot had been full but it was after seven-thirty now and all but deserted. Dark and ominous was the only way to describe it. Huge slabs of concrete on the floor and ceiling, massive shadowy columns, intermittent pools of dull light from the overhead fluorescents. Metal cages around the fixtures reminded her there were people who got cheap thrills smashing up places like this. She dug the bunch of keys from her jacket pocket, clutched the one for her car like a dagger and started across the tarmac.

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