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A suspenseful, dramatic and romantic story -- part road-trip and part urban-exploration. From the acclaimed author of Beatle Meets Destiny Gabrielle Williams.

But there I go, getting ahead of myself. Skipping straight to the part where I was front-page news and they were calling me Dorothy, instead of starting at the beginning . . .
When Dodie's parents go missing just as final year exams are about to start, she convinces herself they're fine. But when the least likely boy in class holds the key -- quite literally -- to the huge secret her parents have been hiding all these years, it's up to Dodie, her sister, the guy from school, and two guys she's never met before, to take on the challenge of a lifetime. So now Dodie's driving -- unlicensed -- to Sydney, and being chased by bad guys, the police, and one very handsome good guy.
From the acclaimed author of Beatle Meets Destiny

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    February 22, 2012

    Penguin eBooks

    264 pages

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