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A brilliant book to guide mums, dads, grandparents and carers through the troubled waters of GCSE maths - and to help you to help your teenager to feel confident and even enjoy it.

In their first, bestselling, book Maths for Mums and Dads Rob Eastaway and Mike Askew helped you and your child make sense of the new methods and topics covered in primary school maths.

But as your child embarks on secondary school, two new issues arise. First, in the build-up to GCSE, school children begin to do maths that you probably have never encountered before – or if you have, you never really got it in the first place, and have long since forgotten. Factorising? Finding the locus?Solving for x? Probability distributions? What do these even mean?

More Maths for Mums and Dads gives you all the ammunition to help you to help your teenager get to grips with and feel more confident about – and hopefully even enjoy – GCSE maths. It covers in straightforward and easy-to-follow terms the maths your child will encounter in the build up to GCSE, in many cases gives practical and fun examples of where the maths crops up in the real world. In addition, the authors introduce the notion of estimation and coin a new term, Zequals. Using the Zequals method will help develop your teenager's feel for numbers, which in turn could transform their experience and enjoyment of everyday maths.


An insightful and engaging book perfect for those parents who want to get to grips with the sort of maths their child will encounter during their teenage years.

Rachel Greenhalgh, Director UK Mathematics Trust

Parents’ support and encouragement is vital if young people are going to develop a positive attitude to maths. This book not only explains to parents what teenagers need to know – with an emphasis on problem-solving and developing a genuine feel for numbers – but it also has useful tips on keeping them switched on to maths. And it makes it clear how damaging idle remarks about being ‘no good at maths’ can be. Every parent with a child at secondary school should read it!

Mike Ellicock, Chief Executive National Numeracy

A unique contribution to the campaign to make maths engaging. It really ‘talks' to the parents, takes their point of view and then builds on this to provide grounded, practical examples of what might work for them.

Professor Celia Hoyles, OBE

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    January 3, 2013

    Vintage Digital

    400 pages

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