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A hilarious collection of the very best bloke-baiting one-liners from the Queen of The Quip.

“Why don't women tell jokes?"
"Because we marry them."

Kathy Lette has gathered together the very finest of her sparkling witticisms in this tongue-in-cheek guide to men. Devastatingly funny and more than a little outrageous, Kathy offers up advice (“if he wants breakfast in bed, tell him to sleep in the kitchen”), her inimitable insights into the battle of the sexes (“statistically, 100% of divorces begin with marriage”) and some scathing observations of the decidedly less fair sex (“all husbands think they're Gods. If only their wives weren't atheists”).

The perfect gift for women who like to shoot straight from the lip.


With effervescent humour Lette navigates steadily through the maze of relationship issues, lending women an arsenal of superb quips, applicable for every occasion.


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    June 1, 2010

    Transworld Digital

    192 pages

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