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Penguin Kids Picks for Easter 2024

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Penguin Kids Picks for Easter 2024

Celebrate Easter this year with Penguin Kids! All the best Easter-themed stories for toddlers and pre-schoolers in 2024, featuring some of your favourite characters. Gift a book this year!

Easter activities

Bluey Easter Quiz

How well do you know the Bluey: Easter book and episode?

Creative ideas for your egg hunt this Easter

Boost your Easter spirit by hiding books, chocolate and toys in eggs.

Bluey Easter Biscuits

Decorate some Easter biscuits with Bluey and Bingo

Bluey Easter activity pack

Celebrate Easter with this free printable download.

Bluey: Happy Easter

Based on the hit ABC KIDS TV show!

At home lesson: Edie's Easter eggs-periment

Create your own marbled Easter eggs with ingredients from the pantry.