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For all fans of Homework for Grown-ups, a fiendishly entertaining quiz book for all the family

Whether your idea of fun is an evening spent with friends and family basking in the glow of twinkly Christmas tree lights while you take the opportunity to probe the most cob-webbed corners of your intellect, or if the joy of good, old fashioned competitive spirit is what sets your pulse racing, then welcome to your perfect fix.

The Homework for Grow-Ups Quiz Book will test your knowledge and prove once and for all who knows best. It’s full of fiendishly fun questions to stimulate the grey matter and provide the perfect framework to hours spent bettering yourself and your loved ones.

Who was the only prime minister to own three Derby winners?
Where would you find the islets of Langerhans?
Which country has Ouagadougou as its capital city?

Do the simplest questions have your scratching your head, or are you’re the one who shouts out the answers to the bioluminescence section of University Challenge? Either way, The Homework for Grown-ups Quiz Book will be a treat.

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    October 15, 2011

    Vintage Digital

    400 pages

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