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Teenage activists turned politicians, multi-millionaire super tutors and artists fighting censorship – these are the stories of Generation HK.

Teenage activists turned politicians, multi-millionaire super tutors and artists fighting censorship – these are the stories of Generation HK. From radically different backgrounds yet with a common legacy, having grown up in post-handover Hong Kong, these young people have little attachment to the era of British colonial rule or today’s China. Instead, they see themselves as Hong Kongers, an identity both reinforced and threatened by the rapid expansion of Beijing’s influence. Amid great political and social uncertainty, Generation HK is trying to build a brighter future. Theirs is a truly captivating coming-of-age story that reflects the bitter struggles beneath the gleaming facade of modern Hong Kong.


A must read for anyone interested in modern-day China, and where it goes from here

Ian Bremmer, President of Eurasia Group

Throughout the book, Bland . . . makes the most makes the most of two key assets. One is a lively prose style. The other is a deft ability to slip in illuminating comparative comments based on his experience covering other parts of Asia

Times Literary Supplement

A welcome addition to the literature on contemporary Hong Kong . . . tracing the city’s recent history through a series of unforgettable profiles of young Hong Kong residents

Kevin Carrico, Macquarie University

Bland . . . points out that the way in which China, under its most authoritarian leader since Mao, handles Hong Kong is a clear signal of what the rest of the world faces from a rising great power

Literary Review

A David versus Goliath tale about a generation who are defying the stereotype of the Great Mall of China and fighting for change

Sydney Morning Herald

Rather than a dry political analysis, these are depictions of humans with their fragilities and passions clearly illustrated in easily digestible and flowing prose

London School of Economics Review of Books

Bland’s writing is tremendous fun . . . the structure and style help give the book an accessibility and freshness

Bookish Asia

Ben Bland talks to an astounding variety of actors in this fast-changing drama—student activists, business moguls, even superstar language tutors—to build a compelling picture of Hong Kong youth caught between a fading British past and an uncertain future under Beijing

Rana Mitter, University of Oxford China Centre

Generation HK shows Bland’s skills as a reporter . . . [and] provides an overview otherwise missing

Asian Review of Books

Ben Bland's book provides a fascinating insight into the thinking of Hong Kong's younger citizens and in the process offers hope for Hong Kong's future

Chris Patten, former governor of Hong Kong

A thoroughly reported look at the city’s youth, from the student leaders of the 2014 Occupy street protests, via tutors and the super-rich, to radical advocates of independence from China


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    July 1, 2017


    140 pages

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