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'the definitive biography which had been needed for so long' Caroline Bingham, TLS'does much to explain that contradictory accounts left to us of the man'Rosalind Mitchison, London Review of Books

"Who was this man Charles Edward Stuart who became known to ledgend as Bonnie Price Charlie?" Frank McLynn pursues this fascinating question in his highly acclaimed study of th "Young Pretender", whose unsuccessful challenge to the Hanoverian throne was followed by the crushing defeat at Culloden in 1746.

The prince was to play out the rest of his career dogged by a sense of failure and betrayal. Yet Frank McLYnn argues powerfully that failure was far from inevitable and history in 1745 came closer to taking a quite different turn


Does much to explain that contradictory accounts left to us of the man

Rosalind Mitchison, London Review of Books

A great success, a work...of mature reflection, acute judgement and great humanity

Jeremy Black, History

McLynn's splendid and eminently readable biography gives us not Charles the myth but the man

Kevin Sharpe, The Spectator

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    October 1, 2003


    656 pages

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