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Tim Southwell

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Tim Southwell didn’t exactly know how to be a journalist so he created his own fanzie, Zine, blogging interviews with Paul Weller, Frank Spencer and Pierre The Surfing Carrot. He worked as a feature writer for Record Mirror, NME and Smash Hits before teaming up with James Brown to help create loaded, which saw him behind the ropes at the Ryder Cup, interviewing the Simpsons, and out of his depth pot-holing with a non-English speaking Romanian. He was Commissioning Editor of the Year in 1997 and was a columnist for Elle. He was Prince of Pontins at Shanklin in 1972.

Since loaded, Tim has launched GolfPunk magazine in the UK, USA, Germany, Singapore and China. He's also found time to be Editor of SonyMagazine and consult for lots of different publications including, most importantly, The Beano. He was also Launch Editor of the national PTA Magazine which just goes to show. Something. Probably.

Books by Tim Southwell

Getting Away With It (Updated Edition)

The real story of loaded, and one of the biggest publishing phenomenons of the last century

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