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Mary grew up in England before migrating to Australia. For many years she worked as a Speech Therapist. Her first book, A Bear in my Bedroom, was published in 1976. Mary has some 40 children's books to her credit, her best known character being 'Tracey McBean', adapted recently by Southern Star Entertainment for a popular animated TV series. 'Tracey McBean' is now being shown in many countries of the world along with our own ABC TV. Mary has no real children but plenty of imaginary ones. She lives in Sydney with her husband Les and two cats Samantha and William. Ruff and Tumble is her second Aussie Nibble.

My Big Book of Nibbles Sherryl Clark, Victor Kelleher, David Metzenthen, Mary Small, Tom Jellett, Gus Gordon, Peter Sheehan, Stephen Michael King

Five amazing stories especially selected for boys from our best selling Aussie Nibbles series.

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