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A former BBC writer, editor, journalist and web producer, Mark Hodder has worked in all the new and traditional medias. He was based in London for most of his working life until 2008 when he relocated to Valencia in Spain to de-stress and write novels. He can most often be found at the base of a palm tree, hammering at a laptop.

To find out more, visit www.markhodder.blogspot.co.uk

Books by Mark Hodder

The Rise of the Automated Aristocrats

Burton and Swinburne return for an exciting new adventure!

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The Return of the Discontinued Man

Explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton and poet Algernon Swinburne return in a new series of wildly imaginative steampunk adventures.

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The Secret of Abdu El Yezdi

A thrilling new steampunk adventure for Burton & Swinburne.

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