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Grace Ramirez
Photo Credit: © Grace Ramirez; photography by Jessica Higueras

Grace Ramirez

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Following an upbringing steeped in Latin cuisine and a career in the pioneering days of food television, Grace made the life-changing decision to follow her dreams and become student to some of the masters of the New York culinary scene. Armed with that education, a hunger for new experiences, and a dedication to learning, Grace travelled extensively.

Miami-born, Grace is very proud of her Latin heritage. Her family is from Venezuela, her stepfather is from Peru and her mother has lived in Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. She has spent most of her adult years in New York. All those influences can be tasted in Grace’s cooking.

Grace gave up her job in television when she was selected from over 60,000 people to be on US MasterChef. Shortly after, she was awarded a scholarship to the prestigious French Culinary Institute in NYC. There was no turning back. She is a regular judge on the New Zealand series of My Kitchen Rules.

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How to cook fantastic, authentic Latin American food.

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