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Adriana Koulias

Adriana Koulias

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Adriana Koulias is the author of three novels: Temple of the Grail, The Seal and The Sixth Key.

She was born in 1960 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At the age of nine her family migrated to Australia, she travelled extensively throughout her youth and was fifteen before finally settling down in a small country town outside Coffs Harbour.

In 1980 she began nursing studies and became a registered nurse three years later. At this time she formed a band that toured New South Wales for two years wherein she met her husband James.

In 1984 she and James moved to Sydney and she began eight years of study with Janice Light, formerly of the Australian Opera Company on voice. In 1989 Adriana began a study of Anthroposophy, Philiosophy and History and also embarked on a career as an artist, selling work to various art galleries and participating in several mixed exhibitions.

Adriana now lectures regularly on History, Philosophy and Esoteric Science. She has two children and lives in Sydney.

Books by Adriana Koulias

The Sixth Key

A brain-teasing conspiracy thriller and an action-packed ride through the centuries.

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