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Puffin Nibbles

Parents and teachers often tell us they’re after short chapter books for beginner readers. We’re thrilled to announce that the bestselling Aussie Nibbles series is being re-released as Puffin Nibbles, with a fresh new look to engage young readers.


Stephanie Wood explores the pitfalls of love in an age of fakery.

Beware the Gumburr

In Bowraville, Dan Box learns the burden of the community’s trust: keep fighting.

Healthy Body, Healthy Brain

In Use It or Lose It, Paul McIntyre asks, ‘what if exercise were medicine?’

Stories matter, so we better make them good

Lisa Nicol shares the experience of writing what she describes as her most special book, and pays tribute to her friend and co-creator.

Language Is Life

In The Yield, Tara June Winch explores how every word is embedded with stories.

What Does The Power of One Mean to You?

To celebrate thirty years of The Power of One our staff and authors reflect on what Bryce Courtenay's novel means to them.

Saving the Whole Stinkin’ Planet is a Family Affair

Lee Constable talks World Environment Day and how saving the whole stinkin' planet can be a family affair.

Soil Is Not a Dirty Word

Patrice Newell explores humanity’s relationship with the earth itself.

Let’s Go to Bed

From Use It or Lose It, Paul McIntyre details the benefits of sleep.

Hitchhiking with Kathryn Hind

Kathryn Hind reflects on winning the inaugural Penguin Literary Prize and her journey to becoming a published author. 

To the Power of 30

Celebrating 30 years of Bryce Courtenay’s magnificent debut – The Power of One.

A Powerful Legacy

Thirty years since publication, The Power of One continues to inspire.

Staff Picks For Winter

Warm recommendations from the readers at Penguin Random House Australia.

Five Blocks to Financial Success

Overcome these common obstacles and unlock your financial potential.

Sasha's Favourite Love Songs

Love Song author Sasha Wasley takes us through six love songs that she is besotted with. 

Letters to My Younger Selves

A Lifetime of Impossible Days author, Tabitha Bird, pens letters to her five, fifteen and twenty-five-year-old selves.

The Medicine of Book Friends

Four books that left their mark on A Lifetime of Impossible Days author Tabitha Bird.

On the Wings of Words

Tabitha Bird celebrates the magical healing powers of writing.

The Beekeeper's Calendar

To celebrate Bee Awareness Week, gain some insight on what it takes to be a beekeper, from DK's A Slice of Organic Life.