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Written in the Stars

Match your sign to a compatible (if most likely unavailable) literary crush.

Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

Leah Kaminsky reflects on researching German scientists and World Ice Theory for her novel, The Hollow Bones.

Designing The Shepherd's Hut

Tim Winton on that cover.

A Letter to Jane Austen

Star-crossed author Minnie Darke pens a letter to one of her literary heroes.

The Day Everything Changed

Caro Llewellyn begins the task of reassembling the shards of a shattered life.

Plotting the Territory

Nicole Alexander reflects on the inspiration and research behind Stone Country.

Create a Nutritious Tasting Plate

From Boosting Your Basics, a simple trick for increasing your child’s interest in food.


Willy Wonka is searching for the most exciting, most brilliant story ideas...

Astral Territory

Star-crossed author Minnie Darke reflects on the role of astrology in her life.

Unknown Territory

In Fridays with My Folks, Amal Awad unpacks some of life’s biggest questions.

Stolen Moments in Time

Molly Murn reflects on the creation of Heart of the Grass Tree.

Forever Entwined

Award-winning memoirist Kate Richards discusses the genesis of her debut novel, Fusion.

Ten Tips for Snacking Well

Smart Snacks author Flip Shelton shares her top-ten snacking tips.

Meet the characters: Charlie Changes into a Chicken

Charlie Changes into a Chicken is the first book in a side-splitting new series by Sam Copeland and illustrated by Sarah Horne, it's about 9-year-old Charlie McGuffin who has an incredible secret, this book is sure to have you squawking with laughter!​

Make 2019 the Year of the Book!

5 tips from author Tim Harris & the outrageous Mr Bambuckle

Occupation vs Happiness

In Happy Ever After Paul Dolan re-evaluates our measures of ‘success’.

The 6 Basic Rules of Tidying

After honing the art of tidying since the age of 15, Marie Kondo turned her attention to sharing her unique method with the world through her consultancy, two bestselling books and Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Here are Marie's six rules of tidying.

A Conversation with Christopher Paolini

Author of Eragon shares insights into his fantastical series.

Researching Half Moon Lake

Author Kirsten Alexander on the podcast that sparked the idea for her debut novel.

My Inspirations for Writing The Rumour

I started writing this novel in August 2017, but the original idea came to me a few years before when someone I was working with passed on a rumour to me.