To Home

Golden Boys is everything that readers around the world love about Sonya Hartnett, a writer like no other. It is delightful, it is dark, and it is utterly compelling. A tale of kids growing up and adults who are supposed to be looking after them, it is also the most personal and self-revealing of all Hartnett’s books.

Yet Hartnett will tell you Golden Boys did not originate from her. She found Golden Boys, the same way she has found all her books – she moved into a new house, and there it was. “I always feel that the book has been waiting for me in that house. It had to be in that house. It couldn’t just be anywhere.”

True Stories: Close to Home follows one of Australia’s most popular writers on a 23-year, 25-book, 12-house journey in search of inspiration. Mounted against stunning visuals and featuring exclusive video interviews, True Stories: Close to Home asks if the secret to inspiration might be as simple as “right place, right time.”

Murder In Mississippi

True Stories: Murder in Mississippi is the online companion to John Safran’s brilliant new true-crime book. Hailed by Eddie Perfect as ‘In Cold Blood for our generation,’ Murder in Mississippi paints an engrossing, revealing portrait of a dead man, his murderer, the place they lived and the process of trying to find out the truth about anything.

Father Bob - The Larrikin Priest

The enigmatic priest, champion of the down-and-out, defies categorisation. At 79, he is still a social activist who refuses to be defeated by enforced retirement. True Stories goes behind the scenes, creating a lively portrait of the popular media performer known as ‘the people’s priest’.

True Stories explores fascinating moments in remarkable Australian lives.

True Stories features are inspired by Penguin publications, but they do nothing "by the book". They dig under the skin of a story. They plunge into extreme close-up. And they appreciate the joys of a good detour, often poking around in sidestreets to enjoy what others miss.

Created for online readers, True Stories combines the written word with stunning visuals, beautiful design and lots of surprises.