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Please note the following revisions:

Gourmet chicken wraps, page 161
Half the mint leaves should be used in the marinade, and the remainder in the alfafa and rocket salad.

Lemon chicken with herbed rice, page 167
Use 1 cup (200 g) rice.
Cook the chicken at 180°C for the entire cooking time. Once you’ve spooned the chilled sauce over the chicken, cook for a further 20–25 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through.

Eight-hour lamb with Persian feta, page 193
The halved garlic bulbs should be placed in the roasting tin at the beginning, along with the onions and rosemary.

Mini raspberry and chocolate meringue kisses, page 243
Fold the 1 tablespoon Amaretto into the whipped cream before mixing through the ganache and raspberries.

Blood orange and rosemary cake, page 247
Beat the eggs and add them to the butter and sugar mixture along with the Cointreau.

Mocha chocolate mousse with Irish whiskey, page 275
Omit the vanilla extract.

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17 Apr 2014
Over two years after its release The Fault in Our Stars becomes the No. 1 selling book in Australia
The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green today reached number one on the Nielsen BookScan charts, more than two years after its initial publication.Launched on January 12, 2012 in Australia, it has steadily climbed the BookScan charts, now having sold over 147,000 copies locally. Internationally, the book has over a million copies in print and has been adapted into over twenty languages. It has been a New York Times, USA Today and Amazon bestseller.

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