A Family in Paris: Stories of Food, Life and Adventure

Author: Jane Paech

Price: $49.95
SKU: 9781921382369

When Australian Jane Paech moves to Paris, her visions of afternoons in bijou bistros and bookshops on the Left Bank are kept in check by the needs of a young family and a long to-do list that includes apartment-hunting, school selection, and multiple trips to IKEA.

Through a collection of sharp observations, insightful travel articles and laugh-out-loud anecdotes, A Family in Paris conveys the joys and difficulties of living in this most famous of cities. It introduces us to the Parisians and their eccentricities, explores the intricate rituals of daily life, and takes us beyond the well-trodden tourist sites to the best eating spots, boutiques, museums and markets that only a local could know about.

Frank, intimate and beautifully photographed, A Family in Paris is about making a home in a strange land, finding a community, and discovering the joy of renewal.

Price: $49.95
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Romantic, mouth-watering Paris – where do you start?
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22 Oct 2014
Will Kostakis wins the 2014 Gold Inky for The First Third
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