The Cocky, the Crow and the Hawk

Author: Nicholls Christine

Price: $14.99
SKU: 9781876288259
A traditional Dreamtime narrative, belonging to Matingali (Bridget) Napanangka Mudgedell from the Balgo Hills region of Western Australia. It tells the story of how the cockatoo, the crow and the hawk got their colours.
Price: $14.99
Book Cover: The Cocky, the Crow and the Hawk
Format:Paperback, 32 pages
price:AUD $14.99


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20 Oct 2014
Penguin Random House Authors Shortlisted for Prime Minister’s Literary Awards
We are delighted with the news that the 2014 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards shortlist features seven Penguin Random House authors, including recent ManBooker Prize winner, Richard Flanagan.The awards recognise ‘the role Australian writers play in enlightening and entertaining us, reflecting on our history and taking our stories to the world’ and weare so proud that our authors have bee

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