Brave Squish Rabbit

Author: Battersby Katherine

Price: $19.95
SKU: 9780702249433

Squish is just a little rabbit, but being little leads to big fears . . . of storms and chickens and the dark . . . especially the dark! What will Squish do when he can't find his friend one stormy night? Maybe he'll discover that being brave makes the dark a little wonderful after all.

A tale celebrating the joy of friendship.

Also by Katherine Battersby: Squish Rabbit

'Hopelessly cute . . . Squish Rabbit is bound to win children's hearts.' The New York Times

Price: $19.95
Book Cover:  Brave Squish Rabbit
Format:Hardback, 32 pages
price:AUD $19.95


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18 Sep 2014
Young novelist Majok Tulba announced as winner of 2014 Kathleen Mitchell Award
Sudanese-Australian writer goes back to his roots to deliver a dark and moving story 17 September 2014 Majok Tulba has been announced as the 2014 winner of the Kathleen Mitchell Award for young novelists.Sudanese-Australian writer Mr Tulba was presented with the award for his debut novel, Beneath the Darkening Sky, by The Trust Company, part of Perpetual, as trustee of the award.

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