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The Ladybird range provides something for every aspect of a baby's development, all supported by the latest research into how they respond to pictures, things to touch and the voices they hear.

High Contrast

High contrast images help a baby's sight develop, while soft, padded cloth books encourage younger babies to use their hands and fingers to explore.


Books with textures to touch and feel stimulate the senses. Unusual shapes, holes to peep through and mirrors, reward a baby's insatiable curiosity about the world around them.


Cosy, calm times cuddled up with books are special experiences for both baby and parent.

Communication and Closeness

Reading the words and rhymes will help you to feel confident in how you communicate with your baby.

Sounds, songs, stories and rhymes promote language and listening skills, as well as giving you that feeling of closeness to your baby.


The award-winning Baby Touch range provides perfect first books for baby, whether it's tummy time or bed time.